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Lesson: Welcome to Ytalife’s Sustainable Weight Loss Course


Hello All, thank you for taking a leap of faith and joining this course on Sustainable Weight loss. I am Cherian Thomas Kappen, founder of Ytalife and I will be guiding you throughout this course. 

Ive been quite heavy and unhealthy some time back and along my weight loss journey the fundamental thing that I realised was that weight loss is a multi factorial process. Its not just the food, not just the workout and definitely not just the supplements. There are many factors at play here. 

The human body is very complex yet beautiful system. Everything from your thoughts and perceptions to your stress levels, can influence the way you lose weight. At Ytalife, we understand this. And that’s why this course contains all the essentials in a practical manner so that you can attain weight loss sustainably. Sustainable Results over anything else! Thats how we roll at Ytalife. This course is a sum total of almost all the most crucial aspects for losing weight and living healthier. We’ve added in a lot of bonuses with workout routines, sleep hacks and more in the downloadable section. Be sure to check that out as well.

So without further adieu, Lets begin the course! Onto the next video!